Shaping Dreams,
Printing Excellence

Welcome to Quick Shape 3D Printing, the driving force behind innovation, creativity, and precision in the world of additive manufacturing. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to making the extraordinary possible, one layer at a time.

Quick Shape's journey began with a vision to redefine how we create, design, and build. Founded by a team of passionate engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs, we set out to harness the potential of 3D printing technology and make it accessible to all. What started as a humble endeavor has evolved into a cutting-edge enterprise, leading the charge in additive manufacturing.

Our Core Values

At the heart of our success are our core values:

Innovation: We are unceasingly curious and driven to push the boundaries of what's possible with 3D printing technology. We continuously explore new materials, techniques, and applications to provide groundbreaking solutions.

Quality: Precision and perfection are non-negotiable for us. We hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure that every 3D print that leaves our facility meets your exact specifications.

Collaboration: Your success is our success. We believe in the power of partnership and work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and deliver tailored solutions.

Sustainability: We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint. We implement sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials whenever possible to protect our planet.

Our success is a testament to the dedication and expertise of our team. Quick Shape brings together a diverse group of professionals, each with a unique set of skills and a shared passion for 3D printing innovation. Together, we have the knowledge and creativity to tackle any project, no matter how ambitious.

Our Comprehensive Services


Rapidly transform ideas into tangible prototypes for testing and refinement.

Custom Manufacturing

From one-off components to large-scale production runs, we have the capacity and expertise todeliver.

Artistic Creations

Explore the intersection of art and technology with our intricate 3D printed designs.


We believe in spreading knowledge. Join our educational programs and workshops to unlock the full potential of 3D printing.

Quick Shape caters to a diverse range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, healthcare, architecture, fashion, and more.
Our cross-sector expertise allows us to understand and meet the unique needs of each field, facilitating innovation and progress.

Production capability

From prototype to production, at the speed of your imagination

Quick overview of production capabilities for each of the mentioned processes:

Injection Molding

High-volume plastic and metal part production Precision molding for complex geometries Rapid tooling and prototyping capabilities Material selection and customization

3D Printing

Rapid prototyping and production Complex and customized designs Various materials available (plastics, metals, ceramics) Quick iterations and cost-effective for low volumes

Vaccum Casting

Small to medium batch production High-quality, detailed parts Materials that mimic various production-grade plastics Ideal for prototyping and small-scale production

CNC Machining

High-precision part manufacturing Wide range of materials (metals, plastics) Complex geometries and tight tolerances Both prototyping and production capabilities

Sheet Metal Works

Sheet metal fabrication and bending Prototyping and production of metal parts Custom designs for enclosures, brackets, etc. Precision cutting and shaping CAD Designing:

3D modeling and design services

Design optimization for manufacturing Prototyping and product development support Design revisions and improvements

Laser Works

Precision cutting, engraving, and marking Diverse material capabilities (metals, plastics, wood) Complex and intricate designs Prototyping and customization

Product Packaging

Custom packaging solutions Branding and graphics design Packaging for various industries Eco-friendly and sustainable options

These capabilities encompass a wide range of manufacturing and support services, enabling flexibility in production
methods and material choices to meet specific project requirements.

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