“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” 

- Colin Powell

As we commence

When talking about 3D Printing, what it is all about and what it can unleash in terms of infinite possibilities, it is a world unto its own, its reach and capacities cannot be quantified and even measured and into this world Quickshape has ventured into, taking baby steps in the big vast world of 3D digital imagery and printing.

Seeds of our genesis

"Quality means, doing it right when no one is looking." - Henry Ford

When tracing the origins of Quick Shape, we are what we can term as ‘the new kid on the block’. The idea first germinated and was taken to its fruition by our Founder, Mr. Ramesh SK, who with a keen eye on the future understood and comprehended the evolving, emerging, revolutionary 3D technology, its growing potential, and impact.

Armed with the necessary know-how, research, study and analysis and while crystal-gazing into the future, we as a company realized the budding prospects that led to our Company, Quickshape’s genesis and we became a distinct reality in April 2015.

In its infancy level, as we take baby steps with our footprints firmly imprinting our goal and the task we have cut out for ourselves, focusing on offering end-to-end 3D Printing services in a quick turnaround period. We prioritize and endeavor and in fact, almost obsess about quality, consistency, and timeliness.

QuickShape Seeds of our genesis

The 3D World at Quickshape

What is 3D Printing? What are its many manifestations? How has it taken the world by storm?

Well, in layman’s terms it is a process that tries to replicate a physical entity from a 3D digital model by actually illustrating and putting down the many consecutive thin layers of a material or substance.

3D Printing is an exciting technology that renders and offers the many aspects or parts in quick, real time. But actually speaking, the game does not end here, but the game only unveils and begins here. Customers’ from different verticals will only experience and decipher the actual reach of what the 3D Printing model has to offer.

The final outcome is literally like the actual, final, completed product or model that can be adapted or taken to its next level or implemented for further processing.

At Quickshape as part of the varied services we offer, we engage in processes like painting, plating, lacquering and vapor smoothening. As we are going forward, we are aiming to be a complete Solutions provider right from conceptualization to design and thereon moving on to finer detailing, tooling and manufacturing.

Wrapping up

Quickshape, is not something that we conjured up overnight or it is not something that just came up, it is a Company that is envisioned and created after hours of brainstorming, thinking and decision-making before we chose to engage in the next best technology that has enraptured the 21st-century businesses.

All that we aim to do is to adapt this simply amazing technology and extend it to all spheres of life and lines of work.

Simply put, if we were to say in just a line, our area of business, it is, we are engaged in realizing and creating a concept of imagination to its actual reality.

At Quickshape, Walk-in with your Concept, and Walk-out with your Product…