Be fashionable futuristic

The mood board for the future of the fashion industry has elements of design innovation, precision work, fusing together of different inspirations and wide palette of styles and designs that must merge together as a fashionable whole 3D printing helps designers bring their designs to life faster and in materials that more resemble the end product, enabling them to see how finely detailed part fits in the whole during the testing and prototyping phases.

As 3D Printing process has improved in terms of resolution and more flexible materials, there has been a lot of interest from the Fashion Industry.

3D Printed accessories including shoes, head-pieces, hats, and bags have all made their way on to the global catwalk. Some visionary fashion designers have demonstrated the capabilities of the tech for haute couture.

Iris van Herpen is the pioneer in 3D printed fashion and has produced a number of collections on the catwalks of Paris and Milan.

Big brands such as Nike and Adidas are experimenting with the technique. Artists such as Micael Smith and Francis Bitonti use it to try and take garments to the next level.


In the news

united Nude and 3D Systems had showcased 3D Printed shoes for Milan Design Week 2015. At the design festival, the partners had hosted an architectural shoe exhibition, titled “Re-inventing Shoes”. Leading architects and designers included Ben van Berkel, Fernando Romero, Michael Young, Ross Lovegrave and Zaha Hadid