Digital Dentistry

Smile, the future of digital dentistry is here

Sink your teeth in a juicy proposition-the elimination of manual modeling and in its place fasr production of bridges, crowns, stone models and a brace of orthodontic applications. 3D printing combines oral scanning, CAD/CAM design to do everything from scheduling to finished restoration digitally and automatically.

3D Printing takes the efficiencies of digital design to the production stage. By combining Oral Scanning, CAD/CAM design and 3D Printing, dental labs can accurately and rapidly produce crowns, bridges, stone models and a range of orthodontic appliances.


Why 3D Printing for Dentistry?

The future of Orthodontics: 3D printing allows Dental labs to fabricate some models, orthodontic appliances, delivery and positioning trays, clear aligners and retainers.

Digitise your Workflow: With a fully digital process, the discomfort and inconvenience of physical impressions is eliminated and helps build customer satisfaction.


In the news

Netherlands made it possible for patients with a toothless mouth to with worn out jaws to get a 3D Printed denture that fits perfectly thanks to 3D Printing. The technology enables patients to receive their personal prosthesis six months earlier than they would using old techniques.