For the Jewellery Industry, 3D Printing has proved to be particularly disruptive. There has been a great deal of interest and 3D Printing is contributing in a big way for further development of this industry.

From new design freedoms enabled by 3D CAD and 3D Printing, through improving tractional processes for jewellery production all the way to direct 3D Printed production eliminating many of the traditional steps. 3D Printing has had and will continue to have a tremendous impact in this sector.

Why 3D printing for Jewellery?

  1. Getting to the market sooner
  2. Generating customer goodwill through improved quality.
  3. Expanding product range.
  4. Create an endless inventory of CAD Designs.
  5. Reducing cost of Product Development.

In the news

The New York City bases fashion designer Francis Bitonit has created newly designed digital jewellery collection in collaboration with a London based accessories brand. Each piece of the collection was individually created with a complex algorithm that digitally manifests as a personalized jewellery piece.